Honeymoon in Hampi

If you and your partner love history, then get plenty of bang for your historical buck with a visit to Humpi.Once South India’s largest,wealthiest and most powerful kingdom; Hampi is not only of interest for its historical prestige and magnificent ruins; but also its remarkable landscape, religious associations and ongoing archaeological investigations make it an outstanding destination of international significance.


The first thing to be noticed in Hampi is the remarkable scenery.Granite boulders of varying tones of grey, ochre and pink dominate the landscape,distributed either as hills and long ridges or as piles of rock that seem to have been thrown down by some primeval cataclysm.The boulders are perched precariously as if they are about to roll over and will fall.But for centuries they are positioned like this and created equilibrium.

One can see a fine blend of human and natural physical landscape going hand in hand at Humpi.Now let me tell you a bit history about this place.It is believed that the ancient “Kishkinda” or Monkey kingdom of Ramayana times existed at Humpi.According to Ramayana, it is here that Rama and Lakshmana arrived in their quest for Rama’s abducted wife, Sita.They encounter the monkey warrior Hanuman, who introduces them to his master Sugriva, who had witnessed Sita being carried through the air by the demon Ravana.Hanuman also tells them about the struggle between Sugriva , the previous rular of Kishkinda, and his reckless┬ábrother Vali.Rama is persuaded to kill Vali and restore Sugriva to the throne. In return , Hanuman undertakes to search for Sita, eventually discovering her in captivity in Ravana’s island fortress of Lanka. Hanuman returns to Kishkinda to inform Rama and Lakshmana of Sita’s whereabouts and, after the monsoon season is over, they set out to rescue her.Many of these events are identified with some specific location.Like in the south bank of Tungabhadra river